SeFlow vs. ChemiCloud

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25 hosting plans 12 hosting plans
起始價 HK$2.24 / 月 HK$2.98 / 月
免費域名 沒有
優惠券 沒有 1個優惠券
可靠性 2.0
價錢 3.0
用戶友好 2.5
支援 1.5
功能 2.0
13個評論 536個評論
Easy to use hosting
Lisa Johnton,
This is the best hosting in Italy that I have ever tried. They are really helpful and give you everything you need.
Outstanding Support and Uptime
David Roe,
ChemiCloud provide excellent and speedy technical support in a manner that surpasses all expectations. They go above and beyond for their customers.
Technical issues & no refund (avoid SeFlow)
Arthur Borsboom,
The price is low and the quality of the services reflect that. A response of the support team is usually fast. However when there is more technical complicated issue at hand (more than stop/start server), a solution can take ... 展開 look, or is ignored. Here are my annoyances, to warn other people. I have communicated these to SeFlow as feedback and asked my remaining credit back. They refused in which I gave them a last chance to do this, or I would post this feedback online. So here it is. :)
- Several times I have encountered that the CloudFlow virtual server was turned off unexpectedly. When I reported this, the answer was more or less: "this service is not great, you should take the more expensive one".
- Several times I have encountered that the CloudFlow virtual server did not start after a shutdown. I had to open a ticket to request help for repair and start the server.
- I have had issues with the billing of this virtual server, where the changes of resources (CPU, RAM) did not reflect the hourly rate. Although this got fixed, it took a lot of time and wasted effort from my side.
- I recently (March 2021) encountered a failure that the virtual server did not run. It was related to the fire at OVH. But there was no communication until I opened a support ticket. After that the communication appeared, which was very lean and more or less blaming OVH. There was no decent recovery plan or any real announcement/advice what to do next. The server is still offline and cannot be started. I cannot even destroy it.
- The support team puts the blame several times at the software or services of their partners. It is the other one; not them.... Strange, I thought I had a contract with SeFlow and not with their partners. ;-)
- The company does not do refund: "There is no refund policy". Charming, while so many problems.
If you chose to use SeFlow, which I advice against, add the minimum of credit, since you won't get anything back. Even if their services are under performing.
Bad attitude when they know I m migrating server due to technical issues
Shahbaz Khan,
I used it for 2 years and as a Senior Developer, I would not recommend this to anyone. They miss interpreted the word grace period once they came to know I m not going to continue first they asked to pay for the grace period ... 展開 and then suspended the account 10 hours before ending the grace period and insisted to buy for one more month to recover the data if required.
I have used many hosting services including aws, godaddy, BlueHost, hostgator, Contabo, OVS, etc for different clients in my entire professional career but chemcloud is very opportunist.
also, their technical staff is so much incompetent that often they refuse to install some packages or install them in a way that is not useful and generates issues.
Personally, I would not recommend it to any of my clients.
3 plan from HK$2.98 to HK$5.98
Under $4 沒有


HK$2.98 / 月
  • Space: 20 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Number of Sites: 1
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Under $8 沒有


HK$4.48 / 月
  • Space: 30 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
  • Panel: cpanel
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Over $10 沒有 沒有
3 plan from HK$4.10 to HK$164.29 4 plan from HK$59.96 to HK$269.96
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8


HK$4.10 / 月
  • Space: 20 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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Over $10


HK$79.90 / 月
  • Space: 80 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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HK$59.96 / 月
  • Space: 80 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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12 plan from HK$27.05 to HK$111.55
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有 沒有
Over $10

Intel QuadCore I5 2500

HK$27.05 / 月
  • Space: 500 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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10 plan from HK$2.24 to HK$675.40 1 plan from HK$59.96 to HK$59.96
Under $4

Flex Cloud

HK$2.24 / 月
  • Space: 10 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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Under $8 沒有 沒有
Over $10

Flex Cloud

HK$9.00 / 月
  • Space: 30 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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Cloud VPS 1

HK$59.96 / 月
  • Space: 80 GB
  • Bandwidth: 4 TB
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4 plan from HK$7.49 to HK$17.49
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有


HK$7.49 / 月
  • Space: 60 GB
  • Bandwidth: 3 TB
  • Panel: whm
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Over $10 沒有


HK$9.99 / 月
  • Space: 90 GB
  • Bandwidth: 6 TB
  • Panel: whm
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