Digiweb Hosting vs. Hostinger

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起始價 HK$0.00 / 月 HK$0.00 / 月
優惠券 沒有 沒有
可靠性 3.5
價錢 3.5
用戶友好 3.5
支援 3.5
功能 3.5
3個評論 2416個評論
Great Irish Hosting
Michael Vort,
I have been with this company for years and don't think I'll ever leave. The hosting just works. It is simple, fast and can keep up with my sites. I'm not the biggest site or anything, but I get some decent traffic at time... 展開 s and they don't have a problem with it at all. Servers in Ireland makes them even better. 縮小
Good Hosting with a Major Problem
Yusof Kenzel,
I am on Hostinger from 5 months ago, before being with them I read that the support is not great but I took the risk.
But tbh I regret being on Hostinger for the very bad support they have. I'm facing a problem since 15 days ... 展開 and no live support can be accessed since March 7 to contact them, even I emailed support@hostinger.com but no reply.
Overall with Hostinger you will get very good hosting features but you will really miss the support at any time you need them.
If you are not working every single task and want to rely on support to solve your problems, Hostinger is not the right choice for you.
Digiweb Scammer!!!
Ash King,
Digiweb Complete Scammer!!!
I was moving house and they advised me that I should pay the €40 for the month instead of canceling ( after I moved out), to avoid canceling fee of €100 and then changed address when I moved in. So... 展開 I did that and when I called them to change address after spending the €40 they then decided I had to still pay the €100 for canceling fee, as I had to close the account and start a new one in the new house. So they just lied to me when I first rang up for advice and they scammed €40 extra out of me. 縮小
bad services
Mustafa Youssif,
Actually we bough a domain from Hostinger since 1 April we are trying to update the name servers to our hosting server but their panel which provided for domain registration is useless as i heared from them that they are prov... 展開 iding domain registration through 3rd party which can't update our nameservers correctly since 22 days and we are totally down..
we open many tickets we contact support live chat many times we have emailed to complains email at Hostinger compliances since 1 April and the issue still not resolved..
my question is why you provide a services and we pay money non professional and they look professional but can't resolve a very basic and small issue but finally its a big because our website id down without any correct action from Hosting provider mentioned above
1 plan from HK$0.00 to HK$0.00 3 plan from HK$1.99 to HK$4.99
Under $4

Starter Hosting

HK$0.00 / 月
  • Space: 10 GB
  • Bandwidth: 30.72 TB
  • Panel: other
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Single Shared Hosting

HK$1.99 / 月
  • Space: 30 GB
  • Bandwidth: 102.4 GB
  • Panel: other
  • Number of Sites: 1
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Under $8 沒有


HK$4.99 / 月
  • Space: 200 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
  • Panel: other
  • Number of Sites: 100
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Over $10 沒有 沒有
9 plan from HK$0.00 to HK$77.99
Under $4 沒有

Plan 1

HK$2.99 / 月
  • Space: 20 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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Under $8 沒有

Plan 2

HK$4.99 / 月
  • Space: 40 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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Over $10 沒有

Plan 4

HK$15.95 / 月
  • Space: 80 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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3 plan from HK$9.99 to HK$69.99
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有 沒有
Over $10 沒有


HK$9.99 / 月
  • Space: 200 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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3 plan from HK$3.90 to HK$14.90
Under $4 沒有


HK$3.90 / 月
  • Space: 無限
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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Under $8 沒有 沒有
Over $10 沒有


HK$9.90 / 月
  • Space: 無限
  • Bandwidth: 無限
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