Phurix vs. Knownhost

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起始價 HK$20 / 月 HK$28 / 月
免費域名 沒有
優惠券 沒有 2個優惠券
可靠性 2.0
價錢 2.0
用戶友好 3.0
支援 1.0
功能 2.0
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KnownHost is the Best!
Matt P,
Unni K is always helpful when we need support from KnownHost. They have the fastest support in the business and very competitive prices for VPS and Dedicated.
Very Poor Support
John Irvine,
Recently my client and I both lost our email services on a phurix host. It was reported to normal support and through their 'urgent' support route but their response was nothing, not even an acknowledgement. 10 days later and... 展開 many emails from us and still no response.
I was on the basic personal option but my client was on small business level option and loss of emails was a serious issue for them so we had no choice but to move to another host. I changed our MX records to point to the new host and got our email functionality back instantly, then I redirect our nameservers. This issue was not the only time we've had poor support so moving hosts had already been discussed; this was the final straw though.
The new host is and actually worked out cheaper than phurix as we're combining our domains onto the one host, but price is not the main concern, it's the support and so far it has been very good from fastcomet, with a support ticket and online chat options available - something that phurix used to have but dispensed with several years ago unfortunately.
Also their claimed 100% reliability is only on the network connectivity - it doesn't include server downtime!
There may be a solid reason for their total lack of support but as we don't know what this is we didn't have much choice; they've hosted several domains for me for over 10 years but loyalty only goes so far, bye bye phurix.
Stay away from knownhost, they are scammers
Haseeb Anwar,
I was using their services since 2019, their renewal rates were increased and they pushed me to use upgraded reseller package. I decided to move my files from their server and then happened the WORST thing, They told me on ch... 展開 at that i would be able to move my files till Tuesday, They suddenly suspended my services and asked me to pay 20 Usd in order to access my WHM for 2 minutes to download the backup. I had long discussion with their support team and they were just forcing me to pay money.. My website was down for 4 hours just to wait for their support to respond.Their support team is poor and they can Scam you.
I have left 4 Usd in their so called in house credit, that they overcharged me just to show how faulty their system is.
Stay away and choose a better Web host...!!
3 plan from HK$20 to HK$1,100 3 plan from HK$28 to HK$2,928
Under $4


HK$2.45 / 月
  • Space: 100.04 MB
  • Bandwidth: 10.04 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
View Personal plan

Basic Shared Hosting

HK$3.47 / 月
  • Space: 5 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Number of Sites: 1
View Basic Shared Hosting plan
Under $8


HK$6.10 / 月
  • Space: 1 GB
  • Bandwidth: 30 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
View Family plan

Standard Shared Hosting

HK$6.47 / 月
  • Space: 20 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
  • Panel: cpanel
  • Number of Sites: 5
View Standard Shared Hosting plan
Over $10

Small business

HK$12.13 / 月
  • Space: 2 GB
  • Bandwidth: 60.01 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
View Small business plan

Professional Shared Hosting

HK$9.97 / 月
  • Space: 無限
  • Bandwidth: 無限
  • Panel: cpanel
View Professional Shared Hosting plan
3 plan from HK$20 to HK$1,100 10 plan from HK$28 to HK$2,928
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有

Entry Unmanaged VPS

HK$5.00 / 月
  • Space: 20 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Entry Unmanaged VPS plan
Over $10


HK$19.40 / 月
  • Space: 4 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Silver plan

Entry Plus Unmanaged

HK$10.00 / 月
  • Space: 40 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Entry Plus Unmanaged plan
3 plan from HK$20 to HK$1,100 11 plan from HK$28 to HK$2,928
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有 沒有
Over $10


HK$77.14 / 月
  • Space: 512 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Entry plan

Dual Intel Xeon E5620

HK$49.00 / 月
  • Space: 240 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Dual Intel Xeon E5620 plan
4 plan from HK$28 to HK$2,928
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有 沒有
Over $10 沒有

Basic Cloud

HK$50.00 / 月
  • Space: 60 GB
  • Bandwidth: 2 TB
View Basic Cloud plan
2 plan from HK$28 to HK$2,928
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有

Entry Level WordPress

HK$5.98 / 月
  • Space: 50 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Entry Level WordPress plan
Over $10 沒有

Business Level WordPress

HK$9.98 / 月
  • Space: 100 GB
  • Bandwidth: 無限
View Business Level WordPress plan
4 plan from HK$28 to HK$2,928
Under $4 沒有 沒有
Under $8 沒有

Basic Reseller Hosting

HK$6.97 / 月
  • Space: 25 GB
  • Bandwidth: 800.05 GB
  • Panel: cpanel
View Basic Reseller Hosting plan
Over $10 沒有

Standard Reseller Hosting

HK$9.97 / 月
  • Space: 50 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1.17 TB
  • Panel: cpanel
View Standard Reseller Hosting plan
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