Get free cloud hosting credit worth $30

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This includes $30 free hosting credit and user will be able to get it after signing up at Cloudways and they will get free hosting credit as soon as they upgrade their account using credit card. 

40% OFF for 3 Months on All Plans

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This includes 40% OFF for 3 months on all plans  for BlackFriday and CyberMonday

Get free cloud hosting credit worth $30

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This is one of the more interesting deals we offer to our faithful HostAdvice users. The Cloudways deal gives you a $30 credit on any of the company’s cloud hosting plans, which include packages for DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. To get started with this plan, you simply need to:

• Sign up for an account with Cloudways
• Input your coupon code
• Receive your credit when you upgrade with a credit card

Getting started takes a few minutes, and can lower your website building costs to give you better results.


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我們很興奮的與忠實的 HostAdvice 使用者分享這個獨家的30美元 Cloudways 優惠方案。此方案讓您可以在下期的 Cloudways 的主機託管費用中獲得30美元的折抵,而且折扣適用的項目完全沒有限制。此公司的各種方案是每月10.00美元起,並且包括出色的功能,例如:

• 用於網站開發,最多160 GB 的儲存空間
• 訪客最高5 TB 的頻寬
• 伺服器可選擇 DigitalOcean、Linode、AWS、

Google Cloud 和 Vultr

HostAdvice.com提供完全獨立於任何其他機構的專業網站託管評論。我們的評論力求不偏不倚、誠實,並對所有被審查的託管服務採用相同的評估標準。 雖然本網站從數家託管公司收到金錢補償,但補償對我們審查的方向或結論不會有影響。 補償也不會影響我們對某些託管公司的排名。 該補償涉及帳戶採購成本、測試成本和支付給評論者的版稅。

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